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Earning Cash via IVLE

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Do you know that you can earn extra cash through IVLE surveys? Head to IVLE -> Student Events and you can find many PAID surveys. Click on them for more details and sign up! Venues are usually psychology labs or convenient places in NUS that are easily accessible. If you are lucky, you may even find online surveys, for which you can simply collect money at stipulated locations after the completion of the survey.

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nustyle benefits

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As an NUS student, we are memebers of the student union which gets us fantastic discounts, benefits and privileges. Discover your entitlement here: Edit:

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Earn money and build your writing portfolio

We are looking for writers to take write for our partners at, Herworld, Yahoo, and more... This means that your writing will appear on those websites under your name. Topics will be in the personal finance space, such as insurance, savings, integrated shield plans, medishield life, etc... This will be helpful for building your portfolio when job hunting after graduation. This is a paid freelance position where you work where and when you like. Please email some writing samples to...

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Code for money!

Ever thought of doing random or side coding/hacking to make things work, and wished that they could earn some cash? There is actually a code auction by the singapore government called GovBuy that allows that to happen! Check it out here: [SG] [US] Read more about it here: Or you can do something on Fiver for $5! Put your skills to the test and earn s...

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Getting your textbook cheaper

We actually have a used-textbook forum on IVLE that can help you get your textbook for your modules cheaper! Just remember to screenshot the prices (or just take a picture) or keep track on an agreed price - forum posts can be edited.

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Claim $500 Now!

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Are you above 25 years old and studying? Check if your course is available at I just got my $500 credited into my bank account. Get yours too!

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Find/offer freelance work within NUS!

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Ever needed some help with web design, photography, proofreading etc.? Fret no more, for is here to help. You can post freelance jobs at for your fellow NUS school mates to apply Alternatively, you can view the available jobs and help your fellow NUS school mates, building your portfolio (and making money at the same time!)

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Movies at $6.50 ONLY!

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GV movie deal on Tuesdays. $6.50 even after 6.30PM. All you have to do is sign up for a GV membership (WHICH IS FREE).

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