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Learning Algorithms with Visualization

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Do you find Data Structures difficult? Don't seem to be able to understand what the TA is talking about? Here's a visualization web tool that is easily accessible and you can always learn at your own timing! Visit for interactive learning lessons that you can do at your own time and pace!

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Skip lectures!

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Attend the first lecture of the module to see if the lecturer records webcast. If the lecturer does, it's wiser to skip the lecture, download the webcast, and watch it at 2x speed. You get to pause the video to write down notes, take a break or whatever. Also, travel no more!

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Free Personal Tutor

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Ever had a question at weird timings but don't dare to ask your TA or Tutor? Here is a online visualization tool on data structures and algorithms that is always accessible! Now you can learn at your own time, all the time! Visit today to experience the change!

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